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Sea Salt

March 15, 2019

Sea Salt

Feeling Foggy in the AM? Forget Where You Left Your Keys?

Signs and symptoms of a sodium imbalance include forgetfulness, confusion and having problems reasoning. Sodium is the key to all of this, enhancing electrical signals between cells and properly controlling the fluid amount in your body. With that being said, it’s imperative to keep your sodium levels in balance.

Extremely active athletes who sweat profusely can lose up to 10-12 pounds of water in an intense workout. On average, 500mg of sodium per pound is lost and needs to be replenished to properly fuel the body. It is highly recommended for athletes to consume 1.1 to 3.3 grams daily. Luckily, in the proprietary formulas of Justice Nutrition’s Supplements, clinically tested doses of sodium are extracted directly from the healthy choice of Sea Salt.
The listed benefits of Sea Salt are endless, and Justice’s supplements harness all of these. Vital minerals such as magnesium, sodium and calcium are replenished to help sustain muscle hydration and peak muscle performance. Overall immunity levels are increased, brain functioning is enhanced and the body becomes alkalized. Sea salt also helps regulate sleep allowing for deeper REM and with the addition of sufficient water and potassium intake, blood pressure is managed.

Sea Salt is the fundamental nutrient providing the body with over 80 vital trace minerals and elements. Iodized table salt which households are more familiar with, is heavily processed and stripped away of all of the health inducing benefits of trace minerals. Unhealthy table salt also contains a wide range of unnecessary chemical additives to prevent clumping. In contrast, the wholesome alternative used by Justice, is completely unrefined and hand harvested. Natural ocean water is dried by the sun and washed by the rain creating Sea Salt exhibited in Justice Nutrition’s Supplements.

Pre- Workout contains 100mg of sea salt per serving. The Vegan Protein Justified includes 250mg per serving; Reform BCAA’s and Empower Max Pump Formula, have 200mg and 100mg respectfully. All of these supplements stacked together form an ultimate stack and give you a reliable base to begin measuring your sodium intake. Dependent on your current sodium intake, you may be able to introduce a Celtic Sea Salt into your diet to utilize further health benefits. Consult your dietitian for further advice.  Simple tip: Eliminate all processed foods and try to stick with fresh green foods. This will drastically help curve unhealthy sodium in your diet.
Sea salt has been carved into the human species story for thousands of years. Early settlers established villages near animal trails which paralleled salt licks. Animal survival were dependent on the replenishment of nutrients salt licks provided. And in retrospect, humans were dependent on these animals for nourishment and prosperity. Follow your innate drive as a species! Consume Sea Salt. Consume Justice Nutrition.
Do yourself some Justice.