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Become A Justice Ambassador

Interested in joining?

Getting Started Working Your Way Through the Ranks

First thing you'll need to do is register at the Ambassadors portal here: https://justicenutrition.brandchamp.io/register
If you've already registered, you can access the portal from the login page here: https://justicenutrition.brandchamp.io/login.  You will also receive an email with product knowledge. Its important for you to know why we have the highest quality sports nutrition product on the market.

Once registered, please take a moment to fill out your profile. Be as detailed as possible—we want to make sure that we know our Ambassadors. You have now joined our team, and we’d love to get to know you!

Requirements to remain eligible as a JUSTICE AMBASSADOR

  1. You MUST have a Customer account with Justice Nutrition —https://justicenutrition.com/account/register
  2. 1-3 Social Media posts per week that promotes the Brand on Instagram and/or Facebook.
    Posting Examples: Wearing Justice clothing, using our towels, using your Justice supplements in public or at home, recipes using our products, reviewing our Justice supplements, recommending any Justice products, or promoting our ambassador program.  
  3. Tag @justicenutrition on every post.
  4. Use hashtags #justicenutrition #justiceforall #fitness #healthy on every post.
  5. Add 15% promo code to your Instagram and/or Facebook Bio.
  6. Post special Justice Nutrition activities/announcements as requested.
  7. Weekly or bi-weekly calls as scheduled by Justice Nutrition.
  8. (Please note: It could take 3 days for your codes to be activated.)

Completing Challenges

After finishing the administrative work, it’s time to start serving Justice to your followers! You can view your available activities in the Ambassadors portal at any time by clicking on the Activities link at the top of the portal. Clicking on a particular Activity will display more details about any required tasks.

When you've completed all tasks for a activity and they've been approved, you'll be credited the reward points for that activity. The points can be used for a variety of rewards! The FUN starts further up the RANKS!

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